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Hello, welcome to our website. This website shares free game deals on Steam, Indiegala, Playstation, Humblebundle, Epic games and etc. You can follow us for free game codes and free steam keys. 
Also, we share free mobile apps and games on IOS and Android platforms.

We have a free games Discord bot. With this bot, you can get free game deals on your Discord server.

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We are free game collectors. We love free game stuff. Freegames.codes is a platform that shares all free game stuff.

How do I find free games with Freegames.codes?

With Freegames.codes, you can find free PC games on many platforms. Sometimes paid games are temporarily free and if you grab this game during this time, the game will always be yours. In this way, you can grow your game library with free games. Freegames.codes finds such free game offers and notify you.

Is Freegames.codes Safe?

Since we started this project in 2019, we have been safely delivering free games to people. We also check that every single game distribution platform we list is safe and legit.

How can I join giveaways?

We have a giveaway system. If there is an active giveaway you can get free game codes with just a user login. You can see all the codes you have received so far in your profile.

I want to translate your Discord bot/Mobile App

We are open to any help. You can contact us via email or you can send join our support Discord server.

Email: contact[at]freegames.codes

Our Support Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ZmUbRcp

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