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How To Add Free Games Discord Bot to your Discord server

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Free Games Codes official discord bot shares free game deals on your discord server.
You can customize the bot and select specific text channel for the bot.
You can choose which game categories you want to receive free game deals.
Also you can choose users of which roles can change the bot's settings. We recommend highly that you use this feature.

Free Games bot discord

Here are list of the Discord Bot Commands :

Command Command Page
!help !help command details
!test !test command details
!change !change command details
!cat !cat command details
!prefix !prefix command details
!notify !notify command details
!lastgames !lastgames command details
!admin !admin command details
!lang !lang command details
!info !info command details
!video !video command details
!invite !invite command details
! ! command details



!help command

!help command display all commands of the bot.
Also you can get more info about specific commands. !help [command-name] For example : !help admin

Dicord bot help command

!test command

!test command sends a text message to your default game-deals text channel and this can take a few seconds.
If you couldn't get this message the bot probably will not work. You should check permissons of bot for this text channel.
Help Command : !help test

!change command

You can set in which text channel you want to receive free game deals with !change
!change Print the text channels of your discord server
!change [order of text-channel] Set text channel. For example, !change 99
Help Command : !help change

!cat command

You can set from which categories you want to receive free game deals with !cat
!cat [category] [on/off] : Set a category on or off. For example, !cat other off
You can check specific situation of a category with !cat [category] For example !cat steam
Help Command : !help cat

Dicord bot cat command

!prefix command

You can set change bot prefix with !prefix command
Default prefix of Bot is !
!prefix [your-new-prefix] for example : "!prefix ." is set your bot prefix to .

If you forget your prefix or after changing your prefix bot doesn't answer; tag the bot and write prefixhelp  

@Free Games On Steam prefixhelp

!notify command

You can set which roles will be notified when there is a new deal.
!notify shows all user roles and your current notify roles(If you set)

  1. Check roles: !prefix
  2. Set the user role you want: !prefix[order-of-role] on

For example : !notify 1 on


!lastgames command

Display latest 10 free games

!admin command

Free Games Discord Bot Admin command help steps

!admin is the command for admin lock. You can choose users of which roles can change the bot's settings. We recommend that you use this feature.
Here are the steps to activate admin lock:

  1. Check roles: !admin roles
  2. Give permission to the role you want: !admin [role-id] on
  3. Activate admin lock: !admin active

You can check admin lock status with !admin
If you want turn off the admin lock, use !admin off
If you want to revoke a role's admin lock permission, use !admin 99 off
Keep in mind that the server owner always has full permission should you have any trouble with admin lock.
Help Command : !help admin

!lang command

Free Games Discord Bot supports many language.


You can set languages of Discord BOT

Free games discord bot supports English Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, German ,Russian ,French and Spanish.

!lang shows all supported languages by bot .

!lang eng  (default)  -> set bot language in English
!lang tr  -> set bot language in Turkish
!lang ita > set bot language in Italian
!lang por -> set bot language in Portuguese
!lang de > set bot language in German
!lang ru > set bot language in Russian
!lang fr > set bot language in French
!lang es > set bot language in Spanish

(Portuguese translation by Amílcar Pereira -> )

Italian translation by Adriano Martella.

Norwegian translation by Snailed lt ->


If you can translate free games Discord bot to your own language please feel free contact with us [email protected]


!info command

!info Display your default settings
Help Command : !help info

!video command

!video Tutorial video about how to use the bot.s
Help Command : !help video

!invite command

! More info about
Help Command : ! info

! command

!invite gives bot invite link



How does the free games discord bot work ?


It sends free games right away as it finds them. You don't need to do anything, it is not a command oriented bot.

The bot is offline. Is it about my server, what should I do ?

It's almost certainly because our server is down at that time. You don't need to do anything but you can let us know and we will fix it in no time.

How can I see previous free games? Can I make the bot post them ?

You can check our website to see them. The bot does not send previous free games.

I need help, when can you help me ?

The support team is only three people. So, sometimes you cannot get an answer for a while but you will get an answer whenever one of them sees your message Join our support Discord Server

How do I change the channel my bot uses ?

Use !change

I am locked out of my bot because of permission lock, what can I do ?

The owner of your server always has full permission on the bot, they can disable the lock.

Can support for my language be added?

Possibly. If you'd like to help translate the bot, please reach us.

How can I change the command Bot prefix ?

By using the command !prefix 

The bot does not respond to my commands. What should I do?

It's enough that you let us know. Server errors occasionally happen due to high traffic.

discord verifeid bot.
* Our discord bot is verified by Discord team you can see verified badge


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