PlayStation Plus Monthly Free Games - December 2023 - PS4 & PS5

PlayStation Plus Monthly Free Games - December 2023 - PS4 & PS5 blog image

PlayStation Plus Free Games for December 2023

Available December 5 to January 1

  • Lego 2K Drive (PS5 and PS4)
  • Powerwash Simulator (PS5 and PS4)
  • Sable (PS5)

For a visual preview of these exciting games, watch the video below:


As we approach the festive season, PlayStation Plus brings a delightful gift for its subscribers - an array of exciting games for December 2023. Available from December 5th to January 1st, this lineup includes games that span various genres, appealing to a wide range of players. Whether you own a PS4 or the newer PS5, there’s something special waiting for you.

1. Lego 2K Drive (PS5 & PS4):

Released in May this year, Lego 2K Drive offers a delightful fusion of Lego's iconic building elements with the thrill of racing. Set in the whimsical world of Bricklandia, players are challenged to build and race a variety of vehicles to win the prestigious Sky Trophy. The game stands out with its Forza Horizon-esque racing mechanics blended with a DIY approach to vehicle assembly, offering a unique twist to the racing genre. Whether it's blazing through asphalt roads or navigating challenging off-road terrains and open waters, Lego 2K Drive promises a thrilling experience for players of all ages.

2. Powerwash Simulator (PS5 & PS4):

For those looking for a game that combines relaxation with a sense of accomplishment, Powerwash Simulator is a perfect choice. In this meditative game, players use high-pressure water hoses and various cleaning agents to clean up neighborhoods, earning rewards as they progress. The game's unique appeal lies in its soothing gameplay, where the simple act of cleaning brings a surprising amount of satisfaction. Plus, with expansions that include locations from Spongebob Squarepants and Final Fantasy VII, Powerwash Simulator offers diverse and engaging content beyond the core game.

3. Sable (PS5):

Sable is an exploration-centric game that stands out with its stunning art style and captivating soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast. Players guide the titular character, Sable, through her Gliding - a coming-of-age ritual set in a world of vast deserts and beautifully crafted landscapes. The game's focus on exploration and discovery, coupled with its serene ambiance and narrative depth, offers a uniquely calming gaming experience. Riding on Sable's hoverbike, players will uncover secrets, encounter diverse characters, and immerse themselves in a beautifully crafted world.

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service offered by Sony for PlayStation users. It provides several benefits, including access to online multiplayer gaming, exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store, and cloud storage for game saves. One of the most notable perks of the subscription is the monthly offering of free games, which members can download and play as long as they maintain their subscription. These games range across various genres and platforms, offering a diverse gaming experience each month. PlayStation Plus enhances the gaming experience by connecting players worldwide and offering a curated selection of games to explore every month.