What is Steam? How to Buy Games from Steam?

What is Steam? How to Buy Games from Steam? blog image

Steam, a platform loved by gamers, attracts attention with the opportunities it offers and seasonal discounts. Steam, which also offers a variety of services, is a platform that is appreciated by many users. Steam brings many users together with games. Developed by Valve Corporation, Steam is a digital distribution platform. It is a place that serves its users in multiple environments. Game, plug-in package, software, video and games related things are sold on Steam. These packages can be downloaded directly to the computer via Steam. It is the most popular among its competitors and naturally has the most users. A game you buy on the platform is yours forever. You can download the game on Steam and play as much as you want. The Steam platform, which has exceeded the number of 1 billion users, is a platform that has reached today thanks to its services and discounts. It also allows Steam, Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems.

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How to open a Steam account?

Step # 1: Sign up for Steam by filling in the required fields on the Steam homepage.

Step # 2: Then click on the link that comes to your e-mail address.

Step # 3: After clicking this link, create yourself a username and password process and click Complete Registration.

Step # 4: Download Steam from its homepage and install it.

Step # 5: Run Steam after installation. Log in with your username and password.

How to get a game from Steam?

Step # 1: Sign in to Steam.

Step # 2: Click “Store” from the menu at the top.

Step # 3: If it's a free game to play; Press Play Game. If the with fee; Press Add to Cart to add to your shopping cart.

Step # 4: Click the "buy for myself" or "buy as a gift" button if it's a gift.

Step # 5: Follow the instructions to make the payment.

Step # 6: The game you purchased will appear on the Library tab. Open the Library.

Step # 7: Click on the game you bought from “Library” and click Install to start the installation.

Step # 8: Click the "Next" button on the page where the game's setup and shortcuts include tics and information.

Step # 9: Accept the user agreement on the screen that comes up and click the button on the bottom right to terminate your transaction.

You can examine the download status of the game you have purchased and downloaded from the menu on the left in the Library tab. When the download is complete, the installation will be completed automatically.

What are the best times to buy games on Steam?

The biggest discounts on Steam are seasonal campaigns. New year discount, Spring discount, spring cleaning discount, summer discount, Halloween discount, Autumn discount and Winter discount are among these big discounts. We can explain the estimated discount dates of this year as follows:

Steam Lunar Calendar New Year Sale: 23 - January 27

Steam Spring Sale: May 21 - May 28

Steam Spring Cleaning: May 21 - May 29

Steam Summer Sale: June 25 - July 9

Steam Halloween Sale: October 28 - November 1

Steam Fall Sale: November 27 - December 3

Steam Winter Sale: December 19 - January

How to make Steam Refund?

You can request a refund for almost any purchase on Steam for any reason. It does not matter. Valve provides a refund for any reason upon a return request created through help.steampowered.com before the return period expires. The return period expires after two hours of game play. Refund will be made within one week after confirmation. You will get the refund back through the Steam wallet or the payment method you purchased. If, for any reason, Steam cannot be refunded by the payment method you use, the amount to be refunded will be added to your Steam wallet.

How to make gift refund?

Unacceptable gifts can be returned in a period of 14 days / two hours as standard. If the buyer starts the refund in the accepted gifts, it will be returned under the same conditions. The money used in the gift purchase is returned to the original recipient.

How to request a refund?

You can request a refund or get help with Steam purchases and other issues at help.steampowered.com.

How can I refund video content?

Unless the video is in the same package with any other non-refundable content (non-video), no return service is available for video content such as video, short movies, series, episodes, and training videos on Steam.