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Train Sim World 2: is free on Epic Games

Get free Train Sim World 2: on Epic Games. This paid game has been free for a while. If you add the game to your library while the free game deal is still active, the game will be yours permanently. You can find free games and get information about games with Freegames.codes.

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Deal start on 29/07/2021 15:00 Deal end on 05/08/2021 15:00
Free29,99€100% OFF
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About Train Sim World 2::

Experience nail-biting gradients, stunning Swiss scenery and classic motive power with Rivet Games’ Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie!

Categories: Single-player ,Downloadable Content ,Full controller support ,Stats

Frequently Asked Questions:

Step 1: Click "Get It Free" button.

Step 2: After clicking the "Get It Free" button, you will be redirected to the game's page on the Epic Games Store. Here, you should see a button that says "Get" if the game is free. Click it.

Step 3: You will then be asked to confirm your order. Even though the game is free, you may still see an "Order Summary". As long as the total is $0.00, you can continue by clicking "Place Order".

Step 4: The game should now be in your Epic Games library. To play it, go to your library, find the game, and click on it. You will have the option to "Install" the game. Once the game is installed, you can launch it directly from your Epic Games library.

You should log in to Epic Games to download and play it for free.

Use the `/cat` command to activate the Epic Games category. Once activated, when games like Train Sim World 2: become free, the Free Games Discord bot will share them in your Discord server. For more information about the Discord bot, click here.

Train Sim World 2: can playable the following platforms: Windows  

The genres of the game are Single-player ,Downloadable Content ,Full controller support ,Stats.

Train Sim World 2: supports the following languages: English*, French*, German*, Spanish - Spain, Russian, Simplified Chinese*languages with full audio support

The game relased on 25 Mar, 2021

Dovetail Games - TSW

Rivet Games

Free game deal start on 29/07/2021 15:00
Free game deal end on 05/08/2021 15:00
Between these dates, the game is free, then it will be paid again.

The game has 135 recommendations.


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