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What is Indiegala Games

IndieGala is an online distribution platform that specializes in the digital distribution of video games. Originating from Italy and founded in 2010, the platform has grown to offer an expansive range of games from big-name publishers to independent developers, hence the "Indie" in their name.

Aside from its wide catalog of games, IndieGala is known for its bundle sales, where they package several games together that players can purchase at a significantly discounted rate. These "IndieGala Bundles" provide excellent value for money and often introduce players to indie games they might not have discovered otherwise.

IndieGala also has a dedicated "Freebies" section, where they periodically give away games for free. To claim these free games, users simply need to have an IndieGala account and add the game to their library during the giveaway period.

Moreover, IndieGala isn't just a platform for buying games. It also has a community aspect, where gamers can leave reviews, rate games, and participate in discussions about their favorite games. IndieGala also has a "Profiles" feature where players can showcase their game libraries, achievements, and more.

In summary, IndieGala is a comprehensive gaming platform that combines the sale of individual and bundled games, a community of passionate gamers, and periodic game giveaways. Whether you're a fan of indie games or big-budget titles, IndieGala offers a platform where you can explore a rich and varied world of gaming content.

Free Indiegala Games

How to Get Free Indiegala Games?

1. Login into your Indiegala account.

2. Visit the game's page.

Click the button to add the game to your library

4. That's all you grabbed free game on Indiegala.