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Free Steam Games

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We share free Steam keys, here you can find a lot of different free games which you can play in the Steam client.

What is Steam?

Steam is an online game marketplace that is a competitor of Epic Games Store.

Steam, a platform loved by gamers, attracts attention with the opportunities it offers and seasonal discounts. Steam, which also offers a variety of services, is a platform that is appreciated by many users. Steam brings many users together with games. Developed by Valve Corporation, Steam is a digital distribution platform. It is a place that serves its users in multiple environments. Game, plug-in package, software, video, and games related things are sold on Steam. These packages can be downloaded directly to the computer via Steam. It is the most popular among its competitors and naturally has the most users. A game you buy on the platform is yours forever. You can download the game on Steam and play as much as you want. The Steam platform, which has exceeded the number of 1 billion users, is a platform that has reached today thanks to its services and discounts. It also allows Steam, Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems.

How to open a Steam account?

Step # 1: Sign up for Steam by filling in the required fields on the Steam homepage.

Step # 2: Then click on the link that comes to your e-mail address.

Step # 3: After clicking this link, create yourself a username and password process and click Complete Registration.

Step # 4: Download Steam from its homepage and install it.

Step # 5: Run Steam after installation. Log in with your username and password.